Development of a new construct of employee well-being: A qualitative study

Volume 5 - Issue 1
Shirli Ender-Büyükbay Ela Ünler F. Tunç Bozbura
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There is a growing interest for positive psychology at organizational management. Companies have increasingly been valuing the well-being of their employees, and seeking the impact to their work performance. Nonetheless, present models are limited in explaining employee well-being and in predicting performance; therefore a broader, multi-dimensional model is needed. This study presents the qualitative part of a larger research analysis, proposing a new and multi-dimensional well-being construct to explain employee well-being and to predict individual work performance. Through a series of literature review and focus group research analysis, it has determined 20 out of 38 positive psychology and work-related elements to predict performance. These elements set the ground for a future quantitative research phase, measuring the mediating effect of employee‟s well-being on the human resources practices and work performance relationship. Based on extensive body of research on theory of well-being, first major contribution of this study is the proposal of a new well-being construct to predict employees‟ performance. Second, it offers the possibility to determine the significance of HR practices on employees‟ well-being and performance. Results, future research and implications have been discussed.


  • Employee well-being
  • multi-dimensional construct
  • performance
  • construct development
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