Effects of an Online Positive Psychotherapy Class on Future Counselors: Consensual Qualitative Research

Volume 4 - Issue 2
Russ Curtis Melodie Frick Heather Thompson Phyllis Robertson Yanju Li Elizabeth Graves Katie Goetz
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The practice of positive psychotherapy holds great promise for inculcating in counselors the attributes most needed to positively impact client outcome. What follows are the results of a qualitative analysis investigating the effects of a four-week experiential online positive psychotherapy class on counselors-in-training. Analysis of qualitative data revealed that students experienced enhanced mood and new perspectives from practicing positive psychotherapeutic interventions. Participants also articulated how they would integrate positive interventions, specifically, meditation, gratitude and forgiveness, into their clinical work. These results indicate that a four-week online course in positive psychology can be a salient way to teach positive interventions that can be utilized in clinical work.


  • Positive psychological interventions
  • clinician training
  • mindfulness
  • gratitude
  • forgiveness
  • consensual qualitative research
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