Mindfulness meditation training for sport (MMTS) intervention: Impact of MMTS with division I female athletes

Volume 2 - Issue 2
Amy Baltzell Vanessa LoVerme Akhtar
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Mindfulness training has been considered an effective mode for optimizing sport performance. The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of a twelve-session, 30-minute mindfulness meditation training session for sport (MMTS) intervention. The sample included a Division I female collegiate athletes, using quantitative comparisons based on pre- and post-test ratings on the Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS), the Positive Affect Negative Affect Scale (PANAS), the Psychological Well-Being Scale and the Life Satisfaction Scale. Paired sample t-tests highlight significant increases in mindfulness scores for the intervention group (p < .01), while the comparison group score of mindfulness remained constant. Both groups remained stable in reported positive affect however the intervention group maintained stable reports of negative affect while the comparison group experienced a significant increase in Negative Affect (p < .001). Results are discussed in relation to existing theories on mindfulness and meditation


  • Brief mindfulness meditation
  • brief meditation
  • sport
  • negative affect
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