Religiosity and happiness: A comparison of the happiness levels between the religious and the nonreligious

Volume 4 - Issue 1
Warren J. Sillick Bruce A. Stevens Stuart Cathcart
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Previous studies have identified a positive link between religiosity and happiness. However, this link is contentious as some studies have found no association. The present study compared the happiness levels of the religious and the nonreligious using two separate measures of happiness, the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire, and the Subjective Happiness Scale. One hundred and twenty four people (men = 43, women = 81), aged between 18 and 73 years (M = 42.28, SD = 12.18), participated in the study by completing an online survey. There were 13 participants in the „believe in God‟ group, 53 participants in the „believe in God and participate in religion group, 17 participants in the „agnostic‟ group, and 41 participants in the „atheist‟ group. The results found there was no difference in happiness levels between any of the groups for both measures of happiness. These findings suggest the religious are not happier than the nonreligious. Further studies are needed to compare the happiness levels of the religious and nonreligious with a variety of samples.


  • Religiosity
  • happiness
  • nonreligious
  • positive psychology
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