The relationship between teachers’ psychological well-being and their quality of school work life

Volume 3 - Issue 2
Abdurrahman Ilgan Öykü Özü-Cengiz Atakan Ata Muhammad Akram
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The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between quality of school work life (QSWL) and psychological well-being (PWB) of public school teachers. Cluster random sampling technique was used to collect data from 784 teachers in 120 schools across six providences in Turkey. Data were primarily collected with two validated scales: Psychological Well-being, and the Quality of School Work Life. The study revealed that teachers rated their level of Quality of School Work Life moderately, and rated their level of Psychological Well-being relatively higher. The findings of the study indicate that there were some differences in QSWL levels of teachers in connection with some demographic variables. Further, stepwise linear regression revealed that their Quality of School Work Life rating described teachers’ Psychological Well-being. The findings are compared with previous research, and finally, the limitations of the study are discussed with recommendations for future research.


  • Quality of work life
  • psychological well-being
  • teachers
  • Turkey
  • regression
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