The Revised Short Gratitude, Resentment, and Appreciation Test (S-GRAT): Adaptation for Turkish college students

Volume 5 - Issue 1
Nagihan Oğuz Duran
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The three studies presented below conducted with a total of 974 participants to determine the psychometric properties of the Revised Short Gratitude, Resentment, and Appreciation Test (S-GRAT) for Turkish college students. Following the translation procedures, first, in Study 1 (N = 304), confirmatory factor analysis conducted to examine the factor structure of the scale. Results confirmed the original three-dimensional model (χ2/df = 265.15/ 101; GFI = .90; CFI = .92, SRMR = 0.07; RMSA = .07). Then, Study 2 (N = 551) was undertaken to test the convergent and criterion validity, and internal reliability of the scale. Results showed associations between gratitude scores and measures of well-being, as well as satisfactory internal reliability. Finally, results of Study 3 (N = 119) demonstrated satisfactory test–retest stability both for the total score and for all three subscales. Results of the three studies together demonstrated good psychometric qualities of the Turkish S-GRAT to assess dispositional gratitude in Turkish college students.


  • Gratitude
  • S-GRAT
  • validity
  • reliability
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