The role of moral emotions in happiness

Volume 1 - Issue 2
Vidya S. Athota
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Research on human happiness has traditionally been associated with positive and negative emotions, rather than its foundations in moral emotions. Using concepts of happiness taken the works of Aristotle and the field of moral psychology, this paper investigated how happiness relates to moral emotions and human virtues as a way of explaining the roots of happiness. As a part of this explanation, the paper explores the emotional side of neuroplasticity, that is the brain’s ability to learn and adapt to happiness. This is complimented with an investigation of the subjective experience of happiness through moral emotions, which illustrates that being sensitive and acting on moral emotions with reference to virtues can promote human happiness. In the final analysis, this paper suggests that moral emotions not only help to provide a code of conduct they are also provide a guiding mechanism for happiness.


  • Happiness
  • moral emotions
  • virtues
  • positive psychology
  • neuroplasticity
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