The use of well-being therapy in clinical settings

Volume 2 - Issue 1
Chiara Ruini
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The concept of psychological well-being and its clinical implications are discussed. A specific psychotherapeutic strategy for increasing psychological well-being, Well-being therapy (WBT), is presented, with a focus on the promotion of an individualized and balanced path to achieve optimal human functioning. The polarities in positive psychological dimensions and their clinical implications are particularly described .WBT has been developed and tested in a number of randomized controlled trials. Recently, international validation studies have replicated the Italian results. The findings indicate that optimal human functioning can be promoted by specific techniques , leading to a positive evaluation of one’s self, a sense of continued growth and development, the belief that life is purposeful and meaningful, the possession of quality relations with others, the capacity to manage effectively one’s life, and a sense of self-determination.


  • Well-being therapy
  • positive psychology
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • resilience
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